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Welcome to the LLUH Online Parking Management System. You may check on the status of a citation that you received, make a payment and/or file an appeal. Simply enter the citation number and follow the instructions. The system will guide you through the simple steps to complete the process.
Notice:Citation Appeals require specific evidence that would show that the citation was not valid and/or issued in violation of the LLUH Parking Regulations. The committee may accept statements into consideration, however statements admitting the offense may not be considered as evidence needed to overturn the citation. Each citation has pictures attached that are taken at the time the citation is issued. These pictures are entered as evidence to support the officer’s actions while enforcing the regulations. Overtime violations contain GPS time stamps, as well as pictures of the vehicle as the officers supporting evidence. To overturn these types of violations evidence needs to submitted that proves the vehicle was not on LLUH property at the time the citation was issued.